NPRI Annual Reporting- Due June 1st

What is the NPRI and why is it needed?

The National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI) is Canada’s legislated, publicly-accessible inventory of pollutants released, disposed of and recycled by industrial, institutional and commercial facilities across the country. It is a major starting point for identifying and monitoring sources of pollution in Canada, as well as in developing indicators for the quality of our air, land, and water. Information collected through the NPRI is used by Environment Canada in its chemicals management programs, and it is made publicly available to Canadians each year. Public access to the NPRI motivates industry to prevent and reduce pollutant releases. NPRI data helps the Government of Canada track progress in pollution prevention, evaluate releases and transfers of substances of concern, identify and take action on environmental priorities, and implement policy initiatives and risk management measures.
Reporting to the NPRI is required under Canada’s major federal environment law, the Canadian Environmental Protection Act, 1999 (CEPA 1999). CEPA 1999 is designed to protect the environment and human health and to promote sustainable development. It contains information-gathering provisions, including some that allow the Minister of the Environment to request information on certain substances. The provisions also require the Minister to establish and publish a national inventory of releases of pollutants. These provisions under CEPA 1999 form the primary legislative basis for the NPRI. For more information on the NPRI and CEPA 1999, access the fact sheet on the web site.

Information collected by the NPRI is included in the national inventory of Criteria Air Contaminant (CAC) emissions. This inventory also includes emission estimates for facilities that are not required to report to the NPRI, and non-facility emission sources such as forest fires and motor vehicles.

Who needs to report to the NPRI?

Under the authority of CEPA 1999, owners or operators of facilities that manufacture, process or otherwise use one or more of the NPRI-listed substances and meet reporting thresholds and other requirements are required to report their pollutant releases, disposals and transfers for recycling annually to the NPRI. For more detailed information on NPRI reporting requirements, consult the NPRI’s most recent Guide to Reporting at